Put Down The Phone! This Is Actually The Sweetest Thing I’ve Ever Seen In My Life.

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When wedding photographer Jason Lee‘s mother fell ill with cancer, he wanted to take his daughters to see her. Unfortunately, he was unable to do so because of sheer distance. But, being a creative and loving son, he found another way to show his mother her grandchildren. He began taking adorable photos with his little girls Kristin and Kayla and posting them on his blog so his mom could see. The results are absolutely heartwarming.

Jason’s reason for creating this massively popular blog was so simple and sweet:

In November 2006, I started a personal blog that chronicled the lives of my 2 daughters, Kristin and Kayla. The reason for the blog was simple, to capture their daily lives for my mother, who was diagnosed with non hodgkin’s lymphoma and wasn’t able to see them on a regular basis. My mom still continues to fight, and I am blessed to have her in our lives today.

It’s no surprise that the love of these two little girls kept her going!

You can visit Jason’s site here: http://www.jwlphotography.com/

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