Reports: Protesters in Thailand break into Royal Army HQ [photos]

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U.N. personnel, Voice of America correspondents, and Thai activists and witnesses on the ground tweet that “anti-government” protesters have reportedly broken into the Royal Army Headquarters in Bangkok.!/katehodal/status/406298313491611649!/SonOfSG/status/406283718613929985

The Thai Prime Minister faces a no-confidence vote. Unrest has gripped the country for the past week.!/RichardBarrow/status/405972349356220416!/YahooSG/status/405267467922313216

Demonstrators have already forced the evacuation of the country’s top crime agency.!/wayne_hay/status/406280613319045120!/insideinvestor/status/406299387061469184

For what it’s worth, there is already a Thai protest “Downfall” parody.!/Kelly_Macnamara/status/406289908081246209!/JackBoard/status/406290762196738048

Lots of citizens holding their breath in the face of a possible crackdown or protester violence.!/fratticcioli/status/406273983869243392!/TheLilyfish/status/406297421736472576

Prayers for a peaceful resolution.!/llwslnw/status/406254277317783552

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