Romney bashes Paul McCartney … in fake story; Romney haters freak out!/anglbrfrd/status/229106945196445696

Did Mitt Romney really slam Paul McCartney’s performance at the Olympics opening ceremony?

No, no he didn’t. But for some, satire is hard.

From the satirical Andy Borowitz piece:

Any hope that the former Massachusetts governor would recover from such missteps was shattered after the Olympics’ Opening Ceremony, when he blasted former Beatle Paul McCartney for not being prepared to sing “Hey Jude.”

“He did not seem ready to sing that song, which was certainly disconcerting,” Romney said. “Maybe he should have gone with a song that he had done before.”

Hey, just because the subhead on The Borowitz Report is “Fake news and political satire” doesn’t mean it didn’t happen, right? The perpetually outraged anti-Romney crowd decided it was too good to check.

@MiaFarrow @borowitzreport Romney is a Pratt! Paul McCartney is a legend! It was great entertainment and the whole stadium loved it!

— Ryan O'Sullivan® (@rosullivan89) July 28, 2012

Let me just say this: #Mitt Romney thinks it is possible for Sir Paul McCartney to be "unprepared" to sing Hey Jude.

— Jennifer S. Lubinski (@jslubinski) July 28, 2012

Romney is an effing idiot saying Paul McCartney didn't seem prepared to sing Hey Jude and should have sang something he's sung before WTF!

— Cup of Teassa ☕ (@teafortessa) July 28, 2012

Paul McCartney sounded great #olympicceremony WTF was Romney listening to?

— Shervin (@simplyShervin) July 28, 2012

Wait, hold up. Mitt Romney talked shit about Paul McCartney?? Just for that, I wouldnt vote for him

— Yara (@_Yarax3) July 28, 2012

One Twitter user who called Romney a “dick” later admitted her mistake.

Maybe she can help PolitiFact analyze the Borowitz piece? We’re guessing the rating will be “fake, but accurate.”

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