Sarah Palin says new TV show will highlight American exceptionalism

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Sarah Palin made an appearance Friday morning at the Television Critics Association press tour to promote her upcoming Sportsman Channel series, “Amazing America.” She also promoted the Sportsman Channel itself and expressed her hope that women and girls would tune in.!/jasonlynch/status/421679578424164352!/ReelVixen/status/421679552612401152

Although Palin insisted the show is not political, she did say she would use the show to highlight American exceptionalism and defend the 1st and 2nd Amendments.!/TVGuide/status/421699820105916416!/Deadline/status/421698483746119680

Deadline Hollywood reports:

Amazing America, Palin said, will give viewers the opportunity to “see how it is we live out that Americana dream of productivity and loving the great outdoors.”  The show will be about living “unguarded, unchained, and living that Red Wild and Blue lifestyle in Alaska — what America used to be.” She hopes to “showcase people places and things in order to inspire… and restore fundamentally what made America so great ” she said, adding “independent,” “clean” and “free.”

Palin then invited critics to Alaska for some moose chili.!/Kristiturnquist/status/421680481046761472!/bgarron/status/421725735938576384

“Amazing America” premiers April 3.

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