Secret’s out! US Secret Service needs refresher course in protecting WH

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In that case, it might be time for Josh Earnest to have a serious talk with the president:

So the initial Secret Service account of that fence jumper was… fudged slightly.

— Andrew Stiles (@AndrewStilesUSA) September 29, 2014

Good God. "@markberman: The White House fence jumper made it to the East Room!? Good. God. Damn."

— Sean Agnew (@seanagnew) September 29, 2014

Absolutely ridiculous. RT @AaronBlakeWP: WOW

— John Ekdahl (@JohnEkdahl) September 29, 2014

More from the Washington Post:

The new revelations follow accounts provided to The Post last week detailing how Gonzalez’s ability to enter the White House reflected a failure of multiple levels of security around the compound. The agency relies on these successive layers as a fail-safe for protecting the president and the White House complex.

In this incident, a plainclothes surveillance team was on duty that night outside the fence, meant to spot jumpers and give early warning before they made it over. When that team didn’t notice Gonzalez, there was an officer in a guard booth on the North Lawn. When that officer couldn’t reach Gonzales, there was supposed to be an attack dog, a specialized SWAT team and a guard at the front door — all at the ready.

Maybe “at the ready” is Secret Service code for “not at the ready.” Which is particularly reassuring when you consider scenarios like these:

Imagine if the WH fence jumper was wearing a suicide vest.

— J.R. Salzman (@jrsalzman) September 29, 2014

Not for nothing, but what if this White House fence jumper had a bomb strapped to him? SMH

— Tommy (@FirstTeamTommy) September 29, 2014

I mean, you detonating a bomb inside the East Room….

— Tommy (@FirstTeamTommy) September 29, 2014

The White House needs to get its act together, like, last week. Holy moly.

If our government cant stop one guy from jumping the WH fence, we dont have a chance in hell against ISIS.

— J.R. Salzman (@jrsalzman) September 29, 2014

I'd have to agree RT @jrsalzman: If our government cant stop one guy from jumping the WH fence, we don't have a chance in hell against ISIS.

— BiasedGirl (@BiasedGirl) September 29, 2014

1. The WH fence jumper made it to the East Room. 2. The WH/USSS LEFT OUT THIS LITTLE DETAIL. Mass firings. Hire PMCs.

— Rick Wilson (@TheRickWilson) September 29, 2014

The fence jumper made it into the EAST ROOM? How can the secret service possibly do their job so poorly?

— Chris Hart (@cfp0608) September 29, 2014

So the guy ran around the first floor of the WH. What the hell is happening in this country?

— Amy (@moderncomments) September 29, 2014

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