Sens. Gillibrand, McCaskill given super hero makeovers

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In case you’re not busy this weekend, Fox News anchor Martha MacCallum will present a special called,“The Truth About Sex & College.” And if you are busy, clear your schedule, as MacCallum willtake an in-depth look at the alleged campus “rape culture” in which one in five women in college is sexually assaulted.

Hillary Clinton campaigned heavily this fall on the one-in-five campus rape statistic, promising to take on the “epidemic” of campus sexual assault. President Obama has cited the statistic. The White House teamed up with College Humor to create a stupid bear attack skit to make young men aware of the one-in-five statistic. However, thatstatistic, based on a 15-minute online survey of two Midwestern universities in 2007, is heavily disputed, and schools are reporting much lower numbers.

It is in this environment that young men in college are found guilty of sexual assaultwithout trial, which has led both the alleged rapist of “Mattress Girl” and the fraternity falsely accused of gang rape in a debunked Rolling Stone article to file lawsuits against their accusers.

This post isn’t an ad for MacCallum’s special, though: it’s meant only to introduce the latest heroes to be honored for their fight against the epidemic of campus sexual assault.espnW recently announced those women named to its annual IMPACT25 list of athletes and influencers “who have made the greatest impact for women in sports.” ESPN teamed up with Marvel, which rendered the women as super heroes.

“According to the National Institute of Justice, one in five women on college campuses has been sexually assaulted,” begins the profile of the two senators of steel. Keep in mind that when made aware that many reported incidents of campus sexual assault are hoaxes, Gillibrand responded, “Well, I hope it’s just putting more of a spotlight on the problem.

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