Someone Finally Built A Better Push Pin


Pon is a pushpin slash paperclip that will change your walls forever.

1. We’re always looking for new ways to decorate walls that don’t require a lot of commitment.

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Great for renters, and college students, and anyone that likes to change it up without breaking the bank.

2. Now, there’s an even better solution than double stick or washi tape: Pon, a new pushpin design on Kickstarter that won’t leave holes in your art work!

3. Since push-pins were invented in 1900, not much has changed.

They’re still the same shape. They still hurt your finger if you push too hard. And they don’t work on anything really heavy or thick.

4. Pon was designed with a genius spiral that holds anything you need to hang without putting a hole in it.

Even air plants! And Polaroids! And that weird patriotic drawing of Plankton someone made!

5. Made with flexible steel, the founders say they created Pon to be tough enough to hold heavy objects and bend back into shape when you take it out.

6. The Kickstarter for Pon has already been funded at almost three times its goal with a few days left to go. Check it out here.

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