Stacey Dash reads mean tweets after #Oscars appearance [video]

In case you missed it, Stacey Dash — who was under fire for recent comments on Black History Month and the BET awards — was a surprise guest at Sunday’s Oscars, participating in a weird bit with host Chris Rock that didn’t go over too well.

Rock started the joke, if you can call it that, by first announcing Stacey Dash as the Academy’s “new director of our minority outreach program.” Stacey then came on stage to muted applause, saying “I cannot wait to help my people out” and wishing everyone a “Happy Black History month!”

Entertainment Tonight caught up with Dash immediately following her appearance and had her read some of the nasty things people were tweeting at her. Check it out:


Reminder: As we reported back in January, Stacey’s comments on Black History month were nearly identical to those spoken by Hollywood favorite Morgan Freeman. Rock and the Oscars left that part out, of course.

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