‘Still fired up’: Conservatives giggle-snort at Obama’s latest motivational poster


It’s that time again. Someone working for the Obama campaign must really enjoy seeing the president mocked on Twitter. How else to explain the release of yet another motivational poster?

Still fired up: pic.twitter.com/YK3cpZaW

— Barack Obama (@BarackObama) June 1, 2012

The pointing and laughing might not be challenging, but it’s fun.


Dude, I don't think choom references are playing well right now. “@BarackObama: Still fired up: pic.twitter.com/1GCyhP3k@SooperMexican

— Amanda (@libertymommy) June 1, 2012

made for parody RT @BarackObama: Still fired up: pic.twitter.com/8XPaZSYq

— The American Caliban (@substitute) June 1, 2012

Made for parody? Yes, yes it is:

I love it when the Obama campaign releases a new 'motivational poster.' So much fun: pic.twitter.com/1ARXWqYA

— Slublog (@Slublog) June 1, 2012

Seriously. Every time the Obama campaign releases a new picture, it's Christmas: pic.twitter.com/hwShIB9i

— Slublog (@Slublog) June 1, 2012

Really, it's almost too easy at this point. pic.twitter.com/wBZsHqQb

— Slublog (@Slublog) June 1, 2012

What if someone gave Biden the keys to the WH poster machine? http://t.co/moBVedHh The horror…the horror…

— Slublog (@Slublog) June 1, 2012

If Obama posters were honest… pic.twitter.com/x5dkxI5g

— Slublog (@Slublog) June 1, 2012

If Obama posters were honest, part two… pic.twitter.com/wPIpjtDr

— Slublog (@Slublog) June 1, 2012

Maybe you can explore all 57 states after November. RT @BarackObama Still fired up: pic.twitter.com/89nSxT2e

— Blass Hollingsworth (@darinblass) June 1, 2012

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