Syria-Iraq-ISIS news roundup (none of it good)


First up, suspected ISIS-linked rebels in Syria car-bombed a different group of hard-line Islamic rebels in Syria, killing their leadership:!/MailOnline/status/509634946265526272

Next, details of what the president will propose tonight in his address to the nation on ISIS are leaking out, including arming of rebel groups in Syria. Which ones, however, is an open question:!/Jerusalem_Post/status/509644115974168577!/washingtonpost/status/509600492826419200

But will targeted terrorists inside of Syria include Assad regime targets as well? Remember those chemical weapons Assad promised to get rid of? Not gotten rid of:!/WSJopinion/status/509390794772332544

And here’s a map showing just how confusing the fighting in Syria has become:!/WSJ/status/509653996693643265

And finally, polling is favoring military action of some sort:!/Agua79/status/509192218259644417


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