Team Rubio claims ‘many’ illegal aliens currently here will be deported!/kausmickey/status/330598959498276864

As support for the Gang of Ocho amnesty erodes, an unnamed spokesman for Sen. Marco Rubio tells Powerline that under Rubio’s plan, many of the 11 million illegal aliens currently residing in the U.S. will be deported:

There are approximately 11 million illegals currently in the US, and many of them won’t be eligible for legalization (because they haven’t been here long enough, don’t pass background checks, can’t afford the fines, etc.) and will have to be deported.

Mickey Kaus is rightly skeptical:

Would Sen. Schumer and Cecilia Munoz go along with this characterization of the legislation? Answer: no. It’s not going to happen. Rubio–and his “office”–are cementing his new national reputation as a dissembler.

P.S.: Even if Rubio really intended to deport “many’ of the 11M, that wouldn’t work. Why? Because the individuals who know they would be deported–e.g. they came here too recently, they have criminal records or they don’t want to pay the fine- will simply not come forward. They–the “many”–will just stay in the shadows where they are now. That means the bill will not come close to achieving its alleged purpose, which is to bring all current illegals out into the open.

It all depends on the meaning of the word “many”:

@kausmickey Yeah, that’s implausible unless they’re using ‘many’ in the absolute sense (i.e. more than two).

— berezina (@berezina) May 4, 2013


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