Teamsters President compares right-to-work bill to Pearl Harbor!/verumserum/status/278908306716782593

Despite the violent threats from Democrats and the savage thuggery that took place in Lansing, Michigan on Tuesday, Teamsters President James Hoffa isn’t toning down the rhetoric; he is stoking it. Yesterday afternoon, after the violent protest, Hoffa compared Governor Snyder’s signing of the Right to Work bill to the bombing of Pearl Harbor (see the video above at 5:07).

Today, the Teamsters pumped up the rhetoric even further, promising that “the past few days of action are only the opening salvo in Michigan’s civil war.

Hoffa: The past few days of action are only the opening salvo in Michigan’s civil war.… #savemi #RTW4Less

— Teamsters (@Teamsters) December 12, 2012

Remember when Democrats and the media claimed to be concerned about supposedly dangerous rhetoric? Not so much anymore, evidently.

Hoffa: Voters are waking up to the dangers of this extreme, divisive brand of politics… #savemi #nortwmi

— Teamsters (@Teamsters) December 12, 2012

Extreme. Divisive. Like, perhaps, tearing down a tent, punching a Fox News contributor in the face and destroying a man’s hot dog stand?

“@verumserum: Teamsters President James Hoffa compares right-to-work to Pearl Harbor:…” not even close

— Jen M (@texasmcmanus) December 12, 2012

BHO’s anarchist goons… Teamsters Top Thug James Hoffa: There Will Be A “Civil War” Over Michigan’s Right-To-Work Law

— SaveTheRepublic (@USAEverLasting) December 12, 2012

Hoffa is just trying to protect his workers. It’s all about the workers.

So Hostess workers are out of a job, but your leader makes nearly $400,000 this year, including benefits. @teamsters

— Leroy Whitby (@LeroyWhitby) December 12, 2012

Why does @teamsters union President Jimmy Hoffa make $300,000 per year while avg. workers make $48,000?

— Katie Pavlich (@KatiePavlich) December 12, 2012

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