The Only Thing More Shocking Than How This Baby Was Born is What Happened 6 Months Later.

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Kelsea and Andy Hopkins were thrilled to be expecting a baby boy. But, during a routine ultrasound, they discovered there was something different about their bundle of joy. He was going to be born without some vital internal organs on the inside of his body.

Little Hayden’s condition is shocking, but what happened to him is even more shocking.

Hayden Hopkins was born with a defect that affects 1/10,000 children. His internal organs were on the outside of his body. The condition is known as a Omphalocele hernia.

His mother Kelsea first learned about the disorder when she got her 19 week ultrasound; it showed the sac growing on the outside of his body. When Hayden was born, he gave a healthy cry – it was a miracle.

They bandaged the sac full of internal organs and rushed Hayden to a nearby NICU.

Doctors thought that he may have to wait a year to get the surgery he needed, but they moved the surgery up to when he was only 6 months old.

Now, this little miracle is doing well. He is holding himself up, rolling over and continues to grow.

Unfortunately, his parents are facing hefty medical costs, so they are finding different ways to raise money for their precious son.

No one can deny that Hayden’s survival is a miracle. “I think one of the things with this benefit and Hayden’s journey is the phenomenal faith that Andy and Kelsea have had,” Dr. Asbury added. “I think Hayden’s really a miracle.”

Hayden’s survival and recovery are both miracles… and ones you should share with others.


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