The Search is Over. This is the World’s Dumbest Criminal, Hands-Down.

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A woman’s iPad and iPod were stolen from her SUV in Boca Raton, Florida, and she was desperate to get them back. Luckily, she had help identifying who took them: the thief inadvertently turned herself in.

iPads and iPods are usually connected with an online storage service called “iCloud.” When a person takes a photo, it’s automatically uploaded to the iCloud photo stream where the original owner can see everything. Even when that person is an idiotic thief, showing off her new stolen iPad.

The thief has been taking pictures of herself, not knowing that the images were automatically uploaded to the original owner’s online collection of photos.

She may actually have less intelligence than she does regard for other people’s belongings.

The owner of the electronics have been posting the thief’s pictures online, hoping it will aid in her arrest. We have a feeling it’ll help. Stupid criminals usually get caught.


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