The Truth Behind This Couple’s Photo Shoot With Their Baby Is Heartbreaking.

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Lindsey Villatoro is a family photographer. Her business Love Song Photography specializes in baby pictures, family portraits, and weddings. There is one other type of photography Villatoro does, called “Forever Loved” sessions. These are photo shoots designed to preserve the memories of a terminally ill loved one. 

Sometimes, though, her “Forever Loved” sessions involve a photo shoot with a recently deceased loved one. That’s exactly what happened with Emily and Richard Staley. The Staley’s contacted Villatoro to photograph the birth of their stillborn daughter by C-Section.

Warning: These photos will break your heart.

Less than 10 weeks from their due date, the Staley’s found out their daughter had died in the womb.

The umbilical cord had wrapped around her neck.

Ms. Staley found out when she awoke one morning and did not feel the baby moving.

She quickly went to the hospital where doctors confirmed the worst.

One of Ms. Staley’s friends contacted Villatoro about the photo shoot.

Villatoro didn’t waste a minute calling her back.

They arranged for Villatoro to be there the next day when they delivered by C-Section.

Monroe Faith Staley was born at 6 pound 2.5 ounce. She spent a precious few hours with her parents that day.

Villatoro captured the whole thing.

“Any image that came to mind, I shot,” she said. “I wanted this family to have every possible memory of this child I could physically give them.”

The images are being shared in Monroe’s memory at the request of the Staley’s. They want others who have lost a child to know that they are not alone.

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Losing a child is something no person should have to experience. For most people, it’s difficult to understand just what the Staley family went through. Photographers like Villatoro help people remember their loved ones, even if they didn’t get to spend much time with them. 

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