These 25 People Are About To Feel Serious Pain. But They Sorta Have It Coming, LOL.

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More people need to see what these 25 stupid people got caught while on the job. No, it’s not something as mundane as taking a nap or playing 100 levels of Candy Crush, it’s how they decided to do their jobs. If more people see this list, maybe more employees in various HR departments would start to be less skeptical about workers compensation claims (“Did you REALLY swallow that hammer on the job, sir?”). It’s simple: lots of people are crazy enough to do this kind of stuff… and experience the usually violent consequences soon after.

And they are all about to have a case of the ouchies.

1.) What? Lean out the window? That’s crazy talk!

2.) How a safety engineer with a sense of humor removes a splinter.

3.) It’s so wrong, I’m not sure what could go right.


5.) At least he had the sense to NOT wear his new shoes. They could get dirty.

6.) “Hot tub.” Yeah, I get it. I still don’t understand WHY though.

7.) Here’s hoping he wore a belt to work that day.

8.) I don’t even…

9.) A magazine page does not a welder’s mask make.

10.) This was almost an okay idea.

11.) Someone please teach this man how to jack up a car (and stop stupidly using his apparent super strength).

12.) Who needs the circus when you can see stuff like this on the street?

13.) “You’re right, Fred, nothing CAN go wrong!”

14.) You can get a good jack for like, $30, people.


16.) At least he’ll suffocate before he hurts himself.

17.) Someone missed an important day in science class.

18.) Don’t worry, they’re on the highway. They’re going way too fast for someone to fall out.

19.) The guy in the middle has the right idea. He needs to learn how to speak up.

20.) Baller carpenter.

21.) Hey, guys, it’s okay. He is being held up by a string.

22.) Why does everyone thing ladder on ladder action is a good idea?

23.) Again, with the sewer dangling?!

24.) No, no, no, you see, “inflammable” means you can ignite it. Right?

25.) Haters gonna hate.

Now, we don’t recommend doing any of these things (obviously). In fact, I can’t even figure out how they came up with the ideas. After a few hundred people get hurt from using the “ladder on a ladder” idea, you’d think someone would understand that it’s not a good idea.


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