This Baby Hearing Her Mom’s Voice For The First Time Is The Sweetest Thing Ever

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There are few greater experiences as a parent than watching all of your child’s firsts.

Smiling, walking, talking — these are all things people look forward to with their little ones. But when planning for our families, we don’t often think about the limitations our children may face if they are born with disabilities. That’s what makes this moment between a mother and her baby so heartwarming.

Three-month-old Annabelle was born deaf, and no one ever thought that she’d get to hear her mother’s voice. But when she received two hearing aids, a whole new world of possibilities opened up for her.

When her mom starts speaking, cuteness takes over.

Understandably, the whole thing was a little overwhelming for Annabelle.

But there’s no denying that adorable smile and look of absolute wonder. It really puts things into perspective for those of us who take our abilities for granted. Here’s hoping that she gains full hearing so that she can listen to all of the world’s little wonders.

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