This Squirrel Helped Out With Halloween Decorations By Carving A Pumpkin.

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I always thought I was pretty good at carving pumpkins. Then, this squirrel came along and showed me how it’s supposed to be done. He carved a face into a pumpkin sitting out on a garden table.

What makes this the perfect Halloween pumpkin is how horrific the smile looks. It’s a much better pumpkin carving than those regular smiley faces. This squirrel clearly knows scary.


(Source: Richard Mangan)

Now I know what you’re thinking: “How did that man convince the animal to eat in the shape of a face?” Clearly it recognized that all other pumpkins in the neighborhood had faces on them, and did it to be a part of the cool kids. Or you know, the peanut butter the man put on there. Either way, that’s one cool squirrel.

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