This Vet Student Was So Passionate About His Work, He Did Something Crazy.

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We trust doctors to do no harm and be all-knowing, but we sometimes forget they’re human. That’s why when they do something stupid, you have to remember their humanity.

What this vet student recently did falls in the category of “incredibly stupid.” Do we forgive him for his idiocy?

A Polish vet student stitched up a dog following surgery. He then decided to do something to show his girlfriend how much he cares for her.

We Heart It

He stitched “I Love You” into the dog he was caring for, and posted the picture to her Facebook timeline.


Seriously, check this stitch work out.


(via Elite Daily)

After incurring the wrath of others for this unethical act, the Polish student now faces disciplinary action from the University of Warmia and Mazury in Olsztyn. The university says, “One of the first points of the Vets’ Code of Ethics is that a vet practicing his profession of public trust needs professional conduct and good morals. [It] does seem immoral and unethical [behavior] from a student of veterinary science.” The University is at least getting its act together on this obvious case of animal cruelty.

So not only did this vet in training needlessly abuse this poor dog, he showed just how stupid he really was. I hope this guy never goes near an animal again.

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