Tornadoes in St. Louis County; Lightning strikes the Gateway Arch [photos]!/OUFan919/status/322191838998061057

That is a marvelous photo, but there is nothing good about the situation in and around the St. Louis County, Missouri, area tonight. We are seeing reports of significant damage resulting from tornadoes:

@richmc461 Hazelwood in north stl county had tornado touchdown Rescues still goin on Shelters open 40,000 no power Tractor trailers flipped

— slackadjuster (@slackadjuster) April 11, 2013

A tree hit my car while I was driving during our tornado in ST.louis ….. Bullshit

— VERB VON DOOM (@AYEVERB) April 11, 2013

MT @missourinet: St Louis Co Emergency Ops Center shutting down. Last rpt: 24 homes w/major damage in #Hazelwood, #Missouri. #tornado #mowx

— BarouskiDave (@TornadoesDave) April 11, 2013

Some residents took to Twitter to document the devastation:

@dloesch #STL #TheHill #tornado…

— Ed (@EdBigCon) April 11, 2013

@dloesch #tornado #TheHill…

— Ed (@EdBigCon) April 11, 2013

@whennessy #tornado #TheHill #stlpics…

— Ed (@EdBigCon) April 11, 2013

3 confirmed tornadoes touch down in St. Louis, Missouri, extensive damage reported – @fox2now

— Breaking News Storm (@breakingstorm) April 11, 2013

More damage-Sign down + vehicle turned on its side in #Hazelwood, St Louis Co, #Missouri via @ksdknews… #tornado #mowx

— BarouskiDave (@TornadoesDave) April 11, 2013

@stormchaser4850: Picture: Major damage seen in Hazelwood in St. Louis Co., MO tonight via via@pdpj… #tornado

— james fillinger (@weatherman3456) April 11, 2013

Picture: Vehicle on its side in Hazelwood in St. Louis Co., MO after earlier tornado via @chester_lampkin…

— Johnny Kelly (@stormchaser4850) April 11, 2013

Missouri Gov. Jay Nixon has declared a State of Emergency.

If you pray, include St. Louis residents in your prayers tonight.

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