Twitter Lynch Mob: Let’s kill NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell!/AHume92/status/250448397448908801

NFL fans have spent much of the night criticizing and mocking NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell, who is responsible for bringing in replacement referees. Alas, some Twitter users are taking it too far:


— T. Michael Johnson (@REAL_TomJohnson) September 25, 2012

Somebody needa assassinate roger goodell

— shabba ranks (@MoneyManShad) September 25, 2012

Is it too much for me to call for Goodell's head on a spike? I mean literally I want to see it. Assassinate him.

— Don Juanson (@j3ster_izz_back) September 25, 2012

Okay so im thinking we should murder goodell, then torture the refs

— Trenton Knuppel (@tknuppel_1) September 25, 2012

If the Niners lose the division to the Seahawks by one game I will take one for the team and assassinate Goodell. #fuckit #MNF

— Ben Briggs (@Benner16) September 25, 2012

Roger Goodell must die.

— Not A Broncos Fan (@HungThug) September 25, 2012

so whos gonna be the hero and kill Goodell?!! I would do it but i got class tomorrow and i cnt skip it smh

— Axel Foley (@TheeBlackBieber) September 25, 2012

Somebody should shoot Goodell and put his head on a stake. What a joke

— Jackson Rioux (@Jrioux_) September 25, 2012

Someone needs to assassinate Roger Goodell

— M.T.K (@KE2Lz) September 21, 2012

I really wish Roger Goodell would die.

— Zac Sewell (@ZayRayPianos) September 24, 2012

Roger Goodell may or may not die tonight

— Robert (@RobertTheBloke) September 25, 2012

roger goodell gone die tonight.

— Milton (@_FvckSwag) September 25, 2012

@NotBillWalton: Right now Roger Goodell is laughing, counting our money. Remember that folks. #FIREGOODELL” I think you mean #KILLGOODELL

— Shehzeen (@TheresFreshAir) September 25, 2012

I wanna shoot roger goodell

— two (@youknow_2cool) September 25, 2012

Rodger Goodell, kill yourself.

— Sean Lyons (@Sean1yons) September 24, 2012

If the old refs aren't back next week, Goodell should kill himself for being a cheap stubborn cocky mother fucking asshole, that eats dick.

— Jeff Fortuna (@BigTuna4Tuna) September 25, 2012

In all honesty, why don't we take goodell, bettman, selig, and stern, put them through some type of tucked up and insane torture

— Knud G. Ferdinand (@kgferdy25) September 25, 2012

The Mob is well aware that Goodell is getting death threats. Some, following the lead of Wisconsin State Senator Jon Erpenbach are posting his phone number:


— 1800ChokeABITCH (@GotDeportedYolo) September 25, 2012

I kno Roger Goodell gettin hella death threats right now

— J-Christ (@Acecalibur) September 25, 2012

Hey Roger Goodell, Have fun with the death threats for the next month

— Thott Disick (@Mikey_DubbsNY) September 25, 2012

Some Twitter users are also threatening the replacement refs:


— Bey&LBJ (@thisIS_amERICA) September 25, 2012

Somebody should kill all of the replacement refs. Am I right?

— Tom Segura (@tomsegura) September 25, 2012

Senior prank: kill the replacement refs

— Jack Rizzi (@DCC_Jack) September 25, 2012

They gon kill them replacement refs

— Magnum Jackson (@MagnumJackson) September 25, 2012

kill every single one of these replacement refs. just kill em. this is a joke.

— Mitch Willer (@mitchwiller5) September 25, 2012

Note the Twitter Rules:

Violence and Threats: You may not publish or post direct, specific threats of violence against others.


The NFL announced it will not overturn the ruling.

BREAKING: NFL upholds touchdown ruling at end of Green Bay-Seattle game.

— The Associated Press (@AP) September 25, 2012

Naturally, that prompted more death wishes for Goodell:

I hate roger goodell. Go kill yourself.

— Marc (@DrT3XM3X) September 25, 2012

@wingoz are u tell goodell to kill himself next interview you do for me

— Mr. Johnson (@TheSilkyJohnson) September 25, 2012

@nflcommish dear roger goodell, you are a piece of shit that nfl statement is complete bullshit i hope u die in a plane crash, good day sir

— Joe Raffaele (@TheRealJoeRaff) September 25, 2012

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