Two Little Girls Wrote Their Requirements For The Perfect Boyfriend. NAILED IT.

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Two girls, 6 year-old Blaire and 9 year-old Brooke, decided to start planning their life before they even hit double digits. Their focus? The perfect boyfriend (and hey, maybe husband). They carefully thought out a list and wrote it down. And I gotta say, for being so young, they really hit the important parts:


1. nice hand writing 2. cutness 3. likes parents 4. not living with parents 5. good maners 6. good artist 7. dresses well 8. takes you to nice places 9. nice place 10. likes children/wants children 11. nice jewlery 12. listens 13. don’t pick your nose 14. no kissing on first date 15. marry some one who respects you 16. smart 17. good cook 18. has a good job 19. always happy 20. clean 21. respect diffrent religens 22. last name not weird 23. very fun 24. makes you laugh 25. eats healthy 26. takes care of body 27. doesn’t tatle tale 28. brushes teeth and floss 29. likes YOUR job 30. take care of pet These girls know what they want and they haven’t even hit 5th grade yet. I’m officially impressed (and this would work for both men and women, I think). I need to write some of these down for the next time I go on a date. Source: Share their young wisdom with others by clicking below.

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