Unhinged: Romney presidency inspires threats to burn down the White House


Well, on the bright side, just a few weeks ago the media seemed to have America convinced that there was no way Mitt Romney could win the election. With a Romney presidency looking more and more probable, though, plenty on Twitter are revealing their contingency plans: rioting, leaving the country, leaving the planet, and even assassination. What’s in store for the White House, though?

Romney gets on my nerves. If he wins I’m throwing black paint on the white house.

— Octoburr 30th (@fuckhiddia) October 17, 2012

OK, that’s pretty tame. What else do you have, Twitter?

Niggas bouta shut shit down if Romney wins, smh the White House is about to be black white and blue 😆😂

— te quiero siempre ❤ (@NameHere_Bitch) October 17, 2012

If Romney Wins, I’m bring black panthers back and we fuckin up the white house cuhh!!!

— Panther Biddness (@__SuaveJ) October 18, 2012

If Mitt Romney wins ima take a shit on The White House lawn.

— Alex T.H.U.G. Mosley (@Luhconic) October 17, 2012

I just know Mitt Romney gon burn a cross on the White House’s lawn if he wins the election

— The Brown Mamba (@YungSweaterGod) October 17, 2012

I think that if Romney wins, we should let it burn…..the White House that is. CTFU

— Fleur Rebelle(@MarNaeMontana) October 17, 2012

My Rap : If romney wins , immaa go to the white house and Shoot that ( B ) up , then call the feds & say yeahh ( B ) now lock me up

— $ M.O.B $ (@Free_My_Dad) October 17, 2012

If Romney wins I bet he won’t be president for long @thereallwonder & i will DEFF be up in that mofo White house fucking shit up✌

— GoldSoul. (@Hennny_ox) October 17, 2012

Fuck goin back to Africa! If Romney wins Ima start a riot ill burn the whole White House down

— Femi Elohe (@DigginNoSkyler) October 18, 2012

If Romney ol busta ass wins THEN I wont give a damn who try bombin the white house.. FEEL FREE… BLOW THAT HOE TF UP!

— Cocaine Cool (@YungCoolBoy) October 17, 2012

if romney wins, i will set the white house on fire and make it look like an accident.

— Eric † Monster (@hausoferic) October 18, 2012

Pro tip: tweeting your plan to “make it look like an accident” doesn’t really help it look like an accident. But thanks for letting the world know.

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