What A Couple Did To This Old Church Bus Will Make You Insanely Jealous

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Many people find enjoyment out of buying old cars and restoring them. Few things are more rewarding than taking something old and decrepit and making it beautiful and new again.

It’s a hobby for many, and a necessity for others.

Take this couple — when they found an old church bus, they saw it as an inexpensive opportunity to build a permanent home that they could take on the road. Check out the transformation!

This couple bought an old church bus off Craigslist.

Then they spent four months renovating it.

The old, beaten-up bus definitely showed its years of use.

They started out with a plan of attack.

And began ripping out the insides.

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They gave the interior a buffing and a new paint job.

Then they laid the groundwork for what would become a beautiful interior.

They also had to give the engine parts and undercarriage an update.

Solar panels were added to power the bus.

And after a ton of hard work and even more scrap wood, their new home started to take shape!

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They added a loft bed and storage units.

The kitchen came together.

They added some more decorative elements to the interior.

And voilà! Here’s the completed product.

View of the front end of the bus.

(source Imgur)

I wish I had the moxie to fix up a car like this. It would be insanely useful. But I think I’ll just continue being a normal car-owning person. For better or for worse.

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