What Broke This Actor Down Into Tears During A Photo Shoot Broke Me Down Too. A Must See.

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A celebrity photographer named Jeremy Cowart experienced something so touching during a photo shoot, he needed to share it online. As is normal for a photographer, Jeremy was asked to shoot photos for a show called The Haves and Have Nots on the Oprah Winfrey network. Jeremy is used to interacting with “talent,” the actors, comedians and musicians he takes pictures of. What he wasn’t accustomed to, though, was seeing real emotion shine through the photos he took. During that particular shoot, an actor named John Schneider showed Jeremy that even the talent could make an emotional connection…

Jeremy had to work with many actors that day, but the one that stood out to him was John.

John was a professional, good-natured guy.

His ability to be welcoming on-camera was wonderful.

But it’s what happened after these warm photos that really touched Jeremy.

As the session wrapped up, John approached Jeremy, asking him for a few private portraits.

He immediately began weeping earnestly.

It wasn’t just acting.

John was truly grieving and it was obvious in these pictures.

After a few more pictures…

Jeremy just had to put the camera down. It was too real.

So Jeremy put the camera down, walked up to the actor and hugged him. John whispered in his ear, “My Dad died about an hour ago. I found out during our lunch break. And I wanted you to capture that for me.” Then, John looked at all of the recently taken portraits and singled out the last one. “That’s it. That’s my Dad.” Via petapixel.com If you were touched by John’s portraits, share them.

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