What Should You Do Or Say When Someone You Love Has A Scary Diagnosis?

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Words can be hard to find when someone is waiting for results or is about to start serious medication. What’s the best way to help those you love?

1. Your health is easy to forget when you have it.


2. Until one day, you or a loved one aren’t sure about your well-being. You might have to wait for a diagnosis.

3. Or maybe there’s a scary one, and you have to get more tests or start treatment.

4. When someone you know might be or is sick, all you want to do is comfort them, but maybe you don’t know how.

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5. So if you’ve ever been through something hard, tell us: What are the best things your loved ones can do or say (or NOT do or NOT say) for you?

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6. Tell us what gestures and comments you appreciated the most below, and we’ll publish some of the responses to help inform others of what they can do.

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