With nation’s nerves tense, Susan Estrich drives viewers over the edge


As Twitter wonders if ABC’s Diane Sawyer is drunk, there’s little question over on Fox News if commentator Susan Estrich has had a cigarette or two in her lifetime. Whatever gets you through Election Night …

Meant Susan Estrich of Fox. Sounds like she has smoked close to a million packs of cigs

— Anthony Ca$ey (@AnthKC) November 7, 2012

This woman in the neon on FOX is absolutely hysterical and she looks like a toad who smoke 168 packs of cigs. Love her Susan Estrich

— ItsDanielCS (@ItsDanielCS) November 7, 2012

I bet Susan Estrich smokes unfiltered Pall Malls

— Steelers Depot (@Steelersdepot) November 7, 2012

I’m sorry, Fox, but I just can’t listen to Susan Estrich right now. I just… I can’t.

— Alex Koppelman (@AlexKoppelman) November 7, 2012

Susan Estrich coming fresh off smoking 12 packs of cigarettes in the alley outside.

— Based God (@cjwengler666) November 7, 2012

Susan Estrich now commenting on Fox as she smokes a whole cartoon of cigarettes at one time. #Caring

— Mr. Man (@CaptYonah) November 7, 2012

How many packs has Susan Estrich smoked today??

— Kelly Shaw (@JKellyShaw) November 7, 2012

But she does a great Carol Channing impression, right? Or is it someone else?

Susan Estrich does an amazing Carol Channing

— Michael Rauch (@Michael_Rauch) November 7, 2012

I didn’t know that Susan Estrich was the love child of Carol Channing and Harvey Fierstein.

— Jed Miller (@jedmiller) November 7, 2012

this political talking head Susan Estrich was cracking me up, giving me full on Carol Channing drag queen all night. Love her…

— Greg Garry (@GregGarry) November 7, 2012

Susan Estrich reminds me of Miss Piggy for some reason but sounds like Kermit! Shut up!!!

— Erica (@EricaRN4USA) November 7, 2012

Susan Estrich sounds like razz from monsters inc. #justsayin

— Natalie Rich (@noodlesrich) November 7, 2012

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