Zing! Small biz sign [pic]: ‘Government didn’t build this business; We did’


Breitbart.com’s Dana Loesch tweeted a picture of a sign hanging inside a local business last night. And it’s beautiful.

Of course, a wilfully ignorant Twitter user had to trot out the “but … but … roads!!” nonsense.

@dloesch who built the road that business is on?

— Seth Davis (@SethDavisHoops) November 11, 2012

He was swiftly given the business.

@sethdavishoops @dloesch Ummm … that would be all of us who pay taxes. Are you under the impression that the government has its own money?

— Nancy J. McManus (@NancyJeanMc) November 12, 2012

@sethdavishoops @dloesch businesses/commerce do not exist because government does – gov exists because businesses and commerce do

— Matt Henderson (@MattHenderson66) November 12, 2012

. @sethdavishoops Roads are in enumerated powers and state agencies. Next time learn how gov’t works so my friends don’t have to teach you.

— Dana Loesch (@DLoesch) November 12, 2012

Zing! Teachable moments are hard.

Kudos, Wood family! We wish you continued success. You built that.

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