Spring 2015’s Trendiest UFO Color Is Lavender

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Make your spaceship pop. 1. Earlier this month, an alluring aircraft was spotted by a Peruvian film crew shooting the show “Alto al Crimen” (Crime Stoppers) in Lima. Video available at: http://youtube.com/watch?v=cFQYUYOubqc&t=35. youtube.com While filming, the show’s host, Congressman Renzo Reggiardo, stopped his interview so the camera crew could shift focus to the unidentified object, […]


The Moment This Father Realizes What His Son Did Is Priceless. Get Out The Tissues And Watch.

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When a child makes a promise to their parents, usually they are full of good intentions, even if they know they can’t fulfill said promise. This man was only 8 years-old when he promised to do something for his father. Now, years later, he ensured that he made good on what he said when he was a little boy. […]


D’Oh! DNC tries to jump on Ryan Dish-gate bandwagon after it was debunked

http://twitter.com/#!/TheDemocrats/status/258288301151240194 Oh, sweeties. Now you are just sad. As Twitchy reported, the lapdogs in the media finally debunked the Paul Ryan Dish-Gate scandal. Pulitizers for all! We can now all rest easy knowing that the dishes he washed in a soup kitchen were, in fact, dirty. Whew! All that lost sleep for nothing! That didn’t […]


So This Poster Is Hanging In A Therapist’s Office. And It Has Saved More Lives Than You Know.

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One of the more powerful tumblr pages out there has to be Boggle the Owl. The creator behind this tumblr has a truly unique gift when it comes to exploring and explaining depression and self doubt. His words have inspired thousands in their fights with depression, giving them a sense of understanding and a different […]


As It Turns Out, The Antibiotics That Help Us Now Might Kill Us Later

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Everyone has a theory about how the world is going to end. Will we fall at the hands of global warming? Nuclear war? Super volcanoes? Sinkholes? If you ask pharmaceutical scientists, they’ll probably tell you that the real destroyers might actually be antibiotics. Well, the antibiotics themselves won’t kill us…just the insane bacteria that they […]


‘Top Shot’ champ Chris Cheng comes out as ‘gay for guns’

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http://twitter.com/#!/Bob_Kobb/status/413055235574083584 Chris Cheng, Season 4 winner of the History Channel’s “Top Shot” competition, came out on RecoilWeb.com today as “gay for guns.” Cheng writes on his website: http://twitter.com/#!/TopShotChris/status/412959338148294656 One reason why I chose to come out publicly is that I’m a gay guy in a gun world. Hunters, sport shooting enthusiasts, and collectors are too […]


These 23 Photos Will Make You Look Twice… And You Still Might Not Believe They’re Real.

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Nature is a wild and wonderful thing that envelops us. Sometimes, it’s so wild, it’s hard to believe it’s real. This nature photography in particular is so surreal, it’s hard to believe that it is untouched and not edited with Photoshop. No photo editing, photography tricks or digital image manipulation can compare to what Mother Nature created […]