Animal Rescuers Were Shocked When This Stray Dog Walked Up To Them

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Our friends at Animal Aid Unlimited have seen just about everything when it comes to stray dogs in desperate need of help — but when this pup, suffering from a life-threatening abscess on his face, ran right up to them during his rescue, they were shocked. His face was so swollen it was about twice […]


‘Political solution’ is a mere slogan: Ram Madhav

BJP general secretary Ram Madhav on Wednesday rebuffed demands for a “political solution” to the Kashmir issue, saying it was a mere “slogan” raised by “romantic” people. “As a nation, we are a rom Read more:


Regional conferences to sensitise States on labour laws to be held

The Union Labour and Employment Ministry has decided to conduct six regional conferences across the country to sensitise the officials concerned about stringent enforcement of labour laws in different Read more:


The absurdity never ends: Lincoln’s birthday, now with more President Ego [pic]

, , , , , ,!/KellyBelly14/status/433742755248873472 On Wednesday, it appeared that the White House social media team just wasn’t that into Abraham Lincoln’s birthday. After all:!/redsteeze/status/433714045825187840 And anyway, it was retired basketball player Bill Russell’s birthday and the White House has priorities and stuff.!/exjon/status/433706428683923456!/sparty_marty/status/433658731620868097 Eventually the White House Twitter team figured out how to honor Lincoln in […]


Steps to check illegal mining, constructions on holidays

A special squad comprising government officials has been constituted to check illegal construction of buildings during Onam-Bakrid holidays. The formation of the squads is in view of the spurt in una Read more:


This Police Officer Was Working His Shift When He Got An Adorable Surprise

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Every day, police officers put their lives on the line to protect and serve their communities. Their days are long, but that’s what makes this noble profession so worthwhile. They spend countless hours defending people when they can’t defend themselves. During this police officer’s shift, he got an awesome surprise from someone who he loves […]


She Thought She Was Picking Up A Friend, But Then She Received A Total Shock

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googletag.cmd.push(function() { googletag.display(‘VN_PG_DTAT_ATF’); }); Zoe was at the airport with her mom to pick up a friend who needed a ride…or so she thought! In reality, her mom and older brother had a massive surprise in store — a reunion between Zoe and the military sibling she hadn’t seen in three years. As she waited […]