13 Reasons Why Khloé Kardashian Would Crush “Fashion Police”

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Come to us.

You guys, something important has come up. You know how Kelly Osbourne left Fashion Police late last week? Well, apparently Khloé Kardashian might replace her.

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A source reportedly told Us magazine:

[Khloé] was supposed to do it last time and passed. She may consider doing it again but the offer would have to be really high. It’s a lot of extra work for her.

Well, any Fashion Police — or Khloé — fan should know that this is the BEST IDEA EVER.

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Like we NEED this rumor to be true.

1. Why? First of all, we all know that KoKo is no stranger to the world of television.

I don’t know if you’ve heard of Keeping Up With the Kardashians. It’s this teeny tiny show featuring this weird family from Calabasas.

2. And let’s be real, she is the BEST Kardashian.

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No contest.

3. Khloé also has the best sense of humor about herself.

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4. And doesn’t mind poking fun at Hollywood in general.

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Which is super important when you’re dealing with something as ridiculous as a red carpet.

5. Don’t forget: Khloé can be super brutal.

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Hey, Fashion Police isn’t for the faint of heart.

6. But she also knows how to deal with super ridiculous people.

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If you can deal with Kim Kardashian, you can deal with anything.

7. She’s basically been practicing all along.

Some red carpet coverage here and there, a hosting gig with The X Factor. Girl is PREPARED.

8. She can laugh off a wardrobe malfunction.

NBC Universal


9. She’s just plain out fun.

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Silly Khloé is the best kind of Khloé.

10. She’s up for anything.

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So why not do Fashion Police?

11. Her closet yells “fashionista.”


12. She’s also just extremely likable as a human.

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13. But most importantly: Have you seen how good Khloé has been looking lately?

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Like, you go, KoKo.

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Slay, mama.

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Come to Fashion Police, KoKo!

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