18 People Who Are So Beyond Over Winter

There are some weirdos out there who actually enjoy cold weather, but the rest of us? We are so over winter.

Personally, I was over it when temperatures started to drop in October. Yes, the world looks magical when covered in fresh snow, and skiing and ice skating can be fun, but is the trade-off really worth it? For every good moment, there are hours spent shivering, shoveling snow, and scraping your windshield. As far as I’m concerned, winter can take a hike.

These 18 people definitely agree. From slow-motion car wrecks to slipping on ice for a full nine seconds, they know what a jerk winter can be. Maybe we should all just pack up and move to a warmer climate.

1. Anyone who is over winter can totally identify with this kid.

2. Even when you live at the beach, winter can find a way to screw you over.

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