20 Hilarious Times Humans And Animals Failed At Slides

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Slides are known for their universal appeal. Everyone can enjoy a good slide every now and again, and it usually results in good times. But apparently, using them might be trickier than we once thought.

These people couldn’t seem to get the hang of one of the most basic playground instruments known to man.

1. Face first!

2. This looked like it was about to be cool.

3. Why’d he just stop?

4. Goodbye, tailbone!

5. But for real, this might be the cutest thing of all time.

6. This looks like a good way to exercise.

7. Poor little goat. He tried.

8. Cleared it!

9. Faulty construction.

10. Took his shirt!

11. That’s a pretty good headstand!

12. Snow slide…almost.

13. I don’t think it’s good to hit your head that much.

14. This is always a bad idea.


16. Just keep going!

17. I see a lawsuit.

18. This is incredibly terrible.

19. This seemed like a pretty rad idea, until it wasn’t.

20. That thing shattered!

I hope these people and animals are okay. They took some pretty nasty spills. It seems like even life’s simplest pleasures can be horrendously dangerous. Stay safe out there, folks.

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