26 Times Yao Ming Made People Look Like Tiny Ants. These Other People Are Actually Tall.

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If you haven’t heard of him before, Yao Ming is a famous basketball player, originally from China. This player, born in Shanghai, is so famous because of his absolutely ridiculous height. He is 7 ft 6 in tall. (That means he makes even other basketball players look short.) By the time he was a teenager, he was already playing basketball for the Shanghai Sharks. Then, he played on their senior league for 5 years. After that, he was drafted by the NBA and played on the Houston Rockets, making everyone else seem like a tiny, silly ant.

1.) Yao Ming doesn’t drive cars. He rides them.

2.) Even elephants are no match for him.

3.) His trainers look adorably tiny.

4.) His teammates looked tiny.

5.) Basketball legends looked tiny. FYI, the one in the middle is 6’10”

6.) He is almost too large to really exist.

7.) C’MON.

8.) The All Star team never looked bigger. By the way, the other guy (Allen Iverson) is 6’1″.

9.) Where does he buy his clothes?

10.) Better question: where did he buy this bike?!

11.) He makes everything into a big deal (LOL).

12.) Yao Ming thinks it is cute when other people palm basketballs.

13.) Dating can be weird.

14.) So are photo ops.

15.) Right now, he is enjoying how he dwarfs all NBA players.

16.) You need to crane your neck to look him in the face. Literally.

17.) Kobe Bryant… or Kobe Ant? He’s 6’6″

18.) Woah.

19.) Everyone else looks so cute.

20.) Awwww, lil trainer is helping!

21.) He parts crowds. It’s magic.

22.) Normal furniture barely works for Yao Ming.

23.) Women could ride around on his shoulders.

24.) But mostly, they are just out of frame in pictures.

25.) His ties are bigger than most people.

26.) Oh, Yao.

(H/T Piximus) In 2011, he retired from the NBA. Over the course of his career, he had too many foot and ankle injuries because of his size. He missed 250 games in his last 6 seasons. He will, though, forever be remembered for his rebounds… and making everyone else in the world look like itty bitty ants.

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