A 66-Year-Old Man Found A Burning Car On The Highway…And Jumped Into Action

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When some people see a car engulfed in flames, they simply slow down, causing terrible gapers’ blocks…but not this guy!

While Rosemary and Fred Villa were driving along the highway on their way to celebrate their 20th wedding anniversary, they saw a car flip over! Knowing that at least one person was inside, the couple stopped to see if anyone was hurt or needing assistance. Mr. Villa, 66, leapt out of his car and found a woman trapped inside.

Watch what happened next…and how this Good Samaritan became a true hero.

We don’t need superheroes like Superman and Batman when we’re surrounded by people like Mr. Villa. What a selfless act!

Read more: http://www.viralnova.com/flipped-car-rescue/

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