A Roundup of Some of the Most Awesome Parents Out There Right Now.

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Parenting is a tough job–there’s no question about that. No one will judge you if you’re tired and cranky after chasing kids around all day, but parents will also tell you that it’s all completely rewarding. And it’s even more rewarding if you can have some fun along the way. 

That’s what these parents did. Not only did they create some awesome memories for their families, but they had fun doing it. Here’s a roundup of some of the coolest parents out there. 

1.) The Pancake Master

1.) The Pancake Master Nathan Shields Dad and teacher Nathan Shields creates elaborate, edible illustrations for his children using pancake batter and a squeeze bottle.

2.) The Video Bomber

2.) The Video Bomber Imgur Mom decided she needed to make a cameo.

3.) The AT-AT Walker Designers

3.) The AT-AT Walker Designers Imgur Not content with the average snowman, this family decided to work a lesson about classic film into a snow day.

4.) The Entertainment

4.) The Entertainment YouTube/104.7 WNOK Sporting events require a long attention span, so this dad knows that dance breaks are a necessity. Watch the whole video for more awesome dad dancing.

5.) The Proud Parents

5.) The Proud Parents Getty Images These parents are awesome because they’re proud of their children, whoever they are.

6.) The Mad Scientist

6.) The Mad Scientist Imgur They said it couldn’t be done, but this dad found a way to entertain his twins (and make a Calvin & Hobbes reference)

7.) The Interior Designers

7.) The Interior Designers Funpedia I hope it’s lightweight. Just in case.

8.) The Positive Enforcers

8.) The Positive Enforcers 9gag Not only does this allow Cassidy here a way out of being grounded, but it gets some chores done.

9.) The Cardboard Architects

9.) The Cardboard Architects DesignDazzle These parents used cardboard, some tape and a lot of patience to create this maze for their little Minotaur(s).

10.) The Costume Designers

10.) The Costume Designers These parents understand that even Iron Man needs to feel pretty sometimes.

11.) The Other Costume Designer

11.) The Other Costume Designer Cassie McLelland Cassie McLelland wanted to make sure her son, Caleb, was able to celebrate Halloween, and so began the tradition of designing and building awesome costumes that incorporate his wheelchair.

12.) The Intimidator

12.) The Intimidator EpicFail Mom always valued clear and open communication.

13.) The Plating Expert

13.) The Plating Expert Samantha Lee Mom Samantha Lee began creating food scenery to encourage her daughter to eat, and her work has since gained her significant recognition.

14.) The Comedienne

14.) The Comedienne twinpossible.com This mom knows how to shut people down with a smile.

15.) The Directors

15.) The Directors Cardboard Box Office Lilly and Leon Mackie stage scenes from famous movies and TV shows using cardboard boxes and other everyday items, including their baby, Orson. This one is called “Breaking Dad.”

16.) The Graphic Artist

16.) The Graphic Artist David Laferriere David Laferriere is a designer and illustrator who took to creating these scenes on his kids’ lunch bags. You can see the whole collection on his Flickr account.

We know there are a lot more awesome parents out there. This is just a small sampling! Keep up the awesome work, parents.

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