A Trapped Squirrel Was Terrorizing A House, But Luckily He Was Set Free. Hooray!

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Simon from the Wildlife Aid Foundation never knows what to expect when he goes out on a rescue. That’s why he was so amused when he was called to capture and release a squirrel. The little critter was trapped in the house, terrorizing the woman living there. She even found a way to keep it in her dining room.

She made a squirrel barricade with tape and newspapers. Luckily, the little guy stayed away from the flimsy barricade, allowing Simon to help him out.

(Source: Wildlife Aid)

After catching the angry squirrel, Simon went outside to release him. Instead of going up a tree or into the foliage, the little rascal ran right back into the house. He quickly changed his mind when the woman inside screamed at him, and finally disappeared into the garden plants.

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