After month-long trip to strange, foreign land, Ted Cruz returns to America!/tedcruz/status/392452080062853120

The Washington, D.C., establishment doesn’t much like Senator Ted Cruz, if you haven’t noticed, but tonight Cruz is making it known that the feeling is mutual. Slamming the broken political culture under the Capitol dome is nothing new for Cruz, but now that the Senate is in recess he’s taken arguably his best swipe yet, noting that it’s “good to be back in America!”!/tedcruz/status/392453716994838528!/tedcruz/status/392456663162052608!/tedcruz/status/392457046320095232

For once, it’s good to see a politician who is more at home in his state than in the capital. In a world where ex-congressmen habitually become lobbyists and never go home, it’s reassuring that at least a few feel most comfortable far away from the Georgetown cocktail circuit.

Texas seems happy to have him back, too.!/ctsa/status/392432174030266368!/ctsa/status/392437912446320640

Keep up the good work, Senator!

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