Amanda Bynes arrested for DUI!/TheHollywood5/status/188295255441936386

It looks like Amanda Bynes' DUI was inevitable…On St. Patty's Day our photog told the valet she was wasted and should not drive

— Harvey Levin (@HarveyLevinTMZ) April 6, 2012

Amanda Bynes is really hot. Her getting a DUI won't change that fact.

— Mike Guzmán (@mike486) April 6, 2012

People are really hating on Amanda Bynes right now. The girl is 26. And she doesn't have to be a 'role model' anymore. Give her a break.

— Bethany Stacy (@bethjoyo) April 6, 2012

Its too funny sorry #amandabynes on Twitpic

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