An Arizona Petting Zoo Now Has The World’s Cutest Farm Animal: A Geep.

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On their own, sheep and pygmy goats are adorable farm animals. They are a mix of just the right amounts of cuddly and intelligent. Do you know what happens when two such adorable creatures breed? 

They create something even cuter. My Petting Zoo, a mobile petting zoo based out of Cave Creek, Arizona, has one of the world’s first “geep.” This little hybrid might be the cutest thing to set foot on a farm since Babe the pig.

Butterfly is the adorable offspring of a sheep and a pygmy goat.

Her coloring is extremely unusual (and adorable).

She has a wooly stomach and longer tail thanks to her mom.

But the black coloring and adorable face? That’s from her daddy.

(My Petting Zoo via My Modern Met)

Butterfly the “geep” is living at the petting zoo with the mom and dad. She is growing up to be a fiesty and adorable part of the family. To learn more about My Petting Zoo, visit their Facebook page. To show Butterfly off to others, click on the Share button below. She’s just too cute to keep to yourself!

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