Angry lefty’s ‘repugnant’ hate mail helps prove Michelle Malkin’s point


Twitchy founder and syndicated columnist Michelle Malkin’s latest offering, “Asian-bashing Dems and the doormat minorities who enable them,” is recommended reading for Harry Reid.

At least one hater who saw Malkin’s column decided to help prove the point:!/michellemalkin/status/504698558025449472

Feel the “new tone” and tolerance? Neither do we.!/RickSheridan/status/504699013539827712!/LenElmore/status/504700116935409664!/Serenity_Jayne/status/504699576084103168!/PGASoriano/status/504698788452524034!/maxnrgmike/status/504707467834449920



‘Who is that douchebag?’ Michelle Malkin’s ‘hatemailer of the day’ hilariously strikes out [pic]

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