Ban Gregg Williams from NFL for life?!/kurt13warner/status/188669754087718914

Former New Orleans Saints defensive coordinator Gregg Williams has been surrounded by allegations that he instructed his players to attempt to injure opposing offensive players. Williams was captured on tape giving his players specific instructions about how to do it when the Saints played the San Francisco 49ers.

Should Williams receive a lifetime ban from the NFL as a result of his actions? Former Pro-Bowl quarterback Kurt Warner says no.

He should NEVER coach again. Period.End of story @kurt13warner Gregg Williams receiving a "LIFETIME" ban from NFL.I disagree, thoughts? #fb

— Lisa Coelho  (@lisacoelho) April 7, 2012

@kurt13warner Gregg Williams deserves a lifetime ban. If you ask me his thinking reminds me of a #sociopath

— •g! (@BallHawkin12Man) April 7, 2012

If they can ban Pete Rose from baseball for gambling, they can ban Gregg Williams from the NFL for calling for bodily harm.

— GregoryBramwell (@GregoryBramwell) April 7, 2012

The calls for a lifetime ban from Gregg Williams are so Roger Goodell–Old Testament style justice, presumably to prove he doesn't have ED.

— John (@johnjf125) April 7, 2012

I gotta agree with chris carter, ban gregg williams for life. Not only was he way outta line, but what a sorry excuse for coaching.

— John Gilgert (@jgil13) April 6, 2012

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