Barbi twins looking out for lost pets in Colorado floods!/Barbi_Twins/status/378669533482844160

Pinup models Shane and Sia Barbi frequently dedicate their Twitter feed to promote animal welfare. At least four people are reported dead in the current Colorado flooding, and the twin sisters are reminding people to look out for animals as well. The @COPetEmergency account is dedicated to helping reunite people with lost pets and livestock displaced by natural disasters.!/COPetEmergency/status/378711707859689473!/COPetEmergency/status/378659968570105856!/DDFL/status/378259250939559936!/JeremyHubbard/status/378644847373987840!/JeremyHubbard/status/378662925340123136!/KDVR/status/378586671647703040!/9NEWS/status/378659864160907264!/greeleygov/status/378699074624425984

This next photo is welcome relief from the ongoing tragedy.!/KOSI1011/status/378290813563715584

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