Blame righty: Will the NYT ever stop pinning the JFK murder on the Right?!/ByronYork/status/403147778723176448

Shockah: Marxist Lee Harvey Oswald assassinated President Kennedy five decades ago and the New York Times still has a rabid case of Blame Righty Syndrome. The Washington Examiner’s Byron York reads the fishwrap of record so you don’t have to:!/ByronYork/status/403147623773011968

Sure, the Times admits that Lee Harvey Oswald was a leftist. But, you see, that doesn’t tell the whole story about the climate in Dallas. Because “some say.”!/ByronYork/status/403147832477364224

Indeed, the article notes the extremism that “still thrives in Texas today, though less so in Dallas itself.” But for some, that blame-righty impulse doesn’t go far enough.!/QueenMyrina1/status/402876338773581824

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