Bo Boom! Iowahawk nails Obama, lapdog media as only he can [pic]!/Doc_0/status/366892582766247938

Zing! But, wait … what? Yes, that happened.

Bo the dog reportedly was airlifted to the Obama holiday home. Actor Nick Searcy blasted the move, proclaiming that “the First Snack gets his own plane!” Snicker.

Enter Iowahawk, who took the opportunity to not only slam Obama, but to also rightly blast the lapdog press.!/iowahawkblog/status/366711639715753985


Bo Boom!

This Twitter user cuts Bo some slack. At least he requires something for his loyalty:!/AG_Conservative/status/366713037610160128


Iowahawk then combined rightly slamming President Man of the People for the Bo flap with the hilarious photo that came out of Martha’s Vineyard Sunday. As Twitchy reported, the photo is totally mock-worthy and ripe for captioning.

Iowahawk delivers:!/iowahawkblog/status/366902441876262912

Double zing! Keep it coming.


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