Boy, did they ever! ‘Somebody nailed Ben Affleck’s hypocrisy’ [photo]

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But he did open his mouth. And now he’s got to deal with the consequences of his ignorant asshattery.

That includes being called out as the flaming hypocrite that he is:

Somebody nailed Ben Affleck's hypocrisy

— Don Surber (@donsurber) October 8, 2014

And how!

Nailed it –> “@donsurber: Somebody nailed Ben Affleck's hypocrisy

— lonelyscarf (@LonelyScarf) October 8, 2014

Boom. RT @donsurber: Somebody nailed Ben Affleck's hypocrisy

— Deanna Troi (@CounslrObvious) October 8, 2014

What’s the deal with that, Ben?

@donsurber @MenOnStrike Nice meme, but aren't there better arguments than confusing actors with their characters?

— Daniel Wessel (@Daniel_Wessel) October 8, 2014

@Daniel_Wessel @MenOnStrike OOH NOO — I do not let you get away with that He said mocking religion was wrong and yet he mocked Catholicism

— Don Surber (@donsurber) October 8, 2014

.@donsurber criticizing Christianity is ok…because Christians don't behead you if you do

— William (@Mishak68) October 8, 2014



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