Chelsea Clinton’s $600,000 salary from NBC is big news

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Bill and Hillary might have left the White House “dead broke,” but daughter Chelsea wasn’t about to live under those circumstances. Word today is that Chelsea has made $600,000 annually for work as a correspondent for NBC News. You remember seeing her on NBC all the time, right?!/washdcnews/status/477566223954092032!/politico/status/477447459485278208


That’s not comforting.

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Chelsea Clinton was making more than many NBC News correspondents, while filing fewer stories.…— johnny dollar (@johnnydollar01) June 13, 2014!/rebeccagberg/status/477457261548556288!/SeanGHiggins/status/477459220539793408!/amandacarpenter/status/477480693451476992!/instapundit/status/477516769960022016!/EdMorrissey/status/477525362025328641

…especially considering her mother’s struggles.!/rsmccain/status/477553595479384064!/Wes_St_Clair/status/477570481873096704!/ryan_hite/status/477571113728638976!/lydiaoconnor/status/477575377728966656

What is this “real reporting” of which you speak?


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