Chris Christie says senate seat ‘too important’ for him to appoint!/Bocalegend/status/342009781508259841

Well, that settles that. GOP Gov. Chris Christie (who also happens to have an ongoing bromance with President Obama) will name neither a Republican nor a Democrat (nor Geraldo Rivera) to New Jersey’s now-vacant senate seat. Instead, the state will hold a special election in October to fill the seat left by the late Sen. Frank Lautenberg.!/AppollosBaker/status/342009391232458752!/guypbenson/status/341977134509744129

Christie today said that “the issues facing the Senate are too important and too vital not to have an elected representative” fill the seat. Christie was perfectly within his rights to name a replacement, but he’s waiving that right, along with what was left of his credibility with conservatives.!/samsteinhp/status/342009719017332736!/PhilJustTalking/status/342009840069144577!/thomasa56/status/342007554378964992

Don’t be too hard on the governor. Remember that time he won a stuffed bear for President Obama on the boardwalk? That was so sweet.!/CHOWSTL/status/342009662767517696!/arrowpilotifr/status/342009291013771264!/whcampbell67/status/342008926268690432

Please, don’t give him any ideas. Those two are cozy enough already, thanks. At least New Jersey might have dodged a Sen. Springsteen or Sen. Bon Jovi.!/chadstaylor/status/342008652737171456

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