Chris Matthews finally decides to wonder what happened in Benghazi!/scrapmom50/status/395633736303136768

Now that the train wreck that is Obamacare is being implemented and causing all kinds of problems for millions of Americans, Chris Matthews decided this would be a good time to hammer the administration over … Benghazi.

Better late than never, we suppose, but if Matthews is really this passionate about the issue, he would have been asking these questions the day after the attack:!/jasoninthehouse/status/395688934631415808

Chris Matthews had better be careful, or Chris Matthews might accuse him of using “dog whistle” language.

Is that the same Chris Matthews who heaped praise upon Hillary Clinton after a Benghazi congressional hearing? What gives?!/scrapmom50/status/395633736303136768!/SashaHeben/status/395692990984749056

Unfortunately, by tomorrow, Matthews will most likely return to being this administration’s biggest cheerleader.!/JulietteIsabell/status/395696380099846144

The latter, without a doubt.

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