Chuck Todd grows weary of whiny ‘phony media bias outrage’!/chucktodd/status/360856899400372224

We think NBC’s Chuck Todd doth protest too much. It was a simple enough question: is San Diego Mayor Bob Filner, who today announced he’d be entering a two-week rehab program to address his intimidating behavior and “failure to respect women,” a Democrat or a Republican? We’re pretty sure he’s a Democrat, but all we’ve heard about for months and months is the “GOP’s war on women,” so we thought we’d better check.!/scottlara1961/status/360856254299648002

As Ace pointed out so well yesterday, the Filner sexual harassment story had a certain Gosnell-like quality to it. If three accusers coming forward wasn’t enough to elevate it above a “local crime story,” how about seven?!/chucktodd/status/360863803635802112

Don’t play the victim — only liberals get to do that.!/DefinitionOfFaF/status/360866822309941249

Is expressing genuine outrage something only liberals get to do, too?!/JamesHXN/status/360867784000946177

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